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Environmental responsibility.

We are proud of Villas Duc as well as of our island and our efforts are ongoing to preserve the environment in which we live and that we invite you to discover.
Thus we endeavored to built an hotel friendly to the ecosystem and we have given emphasis to:

The buildings, the gardens and the landscape

• By using local materials as Rhodian quarried sand stone or Greek marble.
• By creating gardens with Mediterranean flora, mostly local, which requires low water needs.
• By implanting waste management and water saving.

The energy

• By installing solar pannels.
• By using low –energy electric bulbs and energy master switch in all the rooms.
• By managing the water ressources .
• By equiping the toilettes with flush and mixer taps.
• Using an automatic watering and water recovery.
• Recycling and purchasing
• All cardboard packaging, plastic, glass and aluminium are recycled as well as the paper.
• Insecticides, fertilizers and biocides have receive the endorsement of a recognized organisation.
• We give priority to local producers and suppliers and our products are fresh and seasonnal.
• We grow our aromatic herbs and citrus.


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